Pricing Guide

Learn Manual Mode

Learn how to use manual mode on your camera. Learn what the different settings are and how it benefits you to use manual mode instead of auto! When we are done, you will have the confidence to never switch back to auto mode.
2 hours


Tag Along

We will plan a styled photo session so you can take photos, go over interaction with clients, posing, lighting, lenses, manual mode EVERYTHING about a session! Ask me anything and get hands on experience at a photo session.
2-5 hours



Will this really benefit me?

I will be honest that I did not ask for help when I was a new photographer. I did not have a mentor to ask questions. I went to workshops, bought online tutorials, watched endless YouTube, read books, and just played around with my camera, settings, lighting, posting, etc. until I was happy with the results. What you are getting for my time during a mentoring session, is years worth of advice, education, and knowledge that I have acquired over the last ten years of being a photographer. None of this information was easy to come by, nor was it free. I was 5 years into my photography career when I decided to take a mentoring class from another photographer, and it changed EVERYTHING. I gained the confidence I needed and my business took off! I learned a few new things about my camera and editing, and BOOM, I went to the next level.